BW Medical Supply is a nationally accredited business that has committed to supplying clients with only the best medical supplies across all boards. As the leading Medical Equipment Supplier in the area, we have undergone intense certification and audits to assure conformity with rigid standards. At BW Medical Supply, we ensure our clients quality medical equipment for all of their needs. Check out all of our certifications, and see what makes us stand out against competitors in the industry.

We are providers for these medical organizations:

Medicare        Medicaid      Blue Cross Blue Shield



We are accepting Credit Cards and Cash payments. This certification has helped us build a very high level of trust with our clients as it has required us to go through lengthy testing and yield to rigorous safety standards. At BW Medical Supply, we’re committed to providing the best service in the industry, and it’s evident through our achievements.



At BW Medical Supply, we believe in maintaining the highest possible standard in everything we do. We hold a number of certifications that have added to our credibility in the industry, including a Competitive Pricing, among others. We have gone through a very rigorous certification process and know that it will enhance our relationship with our clients even further.